July 12, 2010

Coming Soon: An Upgrade to Your SharePoint Site

On Monday, July 26, all E&P Houston SharePoint sites (houshare.ihess.com) will be upgraded to a more recent version. As the owner or administrator of one or more SharePoint sites, you are a key part of this process. Please help us prepare for a smooth transition by taking a few minutes to compare your existing SharePoint 2003 site with a temporary SharePoint 2007 version we have provided for you. To see a preview of your 2007 site, please enter the web address of your current site(s), then insert this number – 2007 – into the web address as shown in the example below.

E&P: 2003 Site: http://houshare.ihess.com/sites/SiteName
Preview Site: http://houshare2007.ihess.com/sites/SiteName

You might find it helpful to open two browser windows (or tabs) to make a side-by-side comparison of the current (2003) and the upgraded 2007 site. The content on the 2007 preview site was captured June 16, so it might appear out of date. Please remember that the 2007 preview site is temporary and should not be changed. Any new content or other changes to the preview site will be lost.
The appearance of your site will change slightly to adopt colors and typefaces consistent with the recently relaunched Hess.com and the new Hess Connect site, soon to replace iHess. All of your existing content, including images and links should appear on both the current and the preview site.

Please review your preview site carefully to be sure there are no obvious problems such as missing pictures or broken web parts. If everything looks good, you do not need to do anything else. If you spot a problem, please contact the Hess Global IS Service Desk
1-866-438-4302 (if calling from U.S. )
+1 303-354-9056 (Outside U.S. )
Please review your site(s) and report any issues by noon Friday, July 23. Your current SharePoint 2003 site will migrate permanently to the new SharePoint 2007 version on Monday, July 26.

Key Improvements

SharePoint 2007 upgrades include:

• Enterprise Search: Significantly improved search engine will provide top results on the first page, query hit highlighting, duplicate collapsing, “Did you mean” query correction and more.

• People Search: Users can maintain information about themselves in their profiles and this information will be searchable.

• Content Recovery: A 2-stage recycle bin, allowing you to easily recover deleted content.

• User Experience: Improvements to usability and navigation (consistent navigation on all pages).

• Alerts: More information about the item that has changed is included.

• Document Library Improvements: Required check-in/check-out, major and minor versioning, document specific security, and auditing functionality.

• Security: Security can be set at the site collection, subsite, list, library, folder and item level. Security trimming now allows users only see what they have permissions to see.

• Surveys: Now include conditional branching as well as support for inserting page breaks in long surveys. You can set up questions to appear conditionally based on a user’s response.

All of your text, pictures, documents and links remain unchanged. Site access and permission levels are unchanged.

To Recap

• Compare your existing SharePoint 2003 site with the temporary SharePoint 2007 version available online today to noon Friday, July 23.

• You may continue to use your current SharePoint 2003 site as usual. All content changes to your current site will be retained when it is migrated in two weeks.

• DO NOT make content changes to the temporary SharePoint 2007 site. All changes will be lost when your current site is permanently migrated to SharePoint 2007 in two weeks.

• Report any problems to the Hess Global IS Service Desk

Thanks for your help with this important upgrade.